Hello From The Future

"My goal is to be Oprah of the geeks"  

It's only April and it's already a big year of achievements for me, I've unlocked Snapchat and now I'm focusing on Facebook Live and Youtube. My prediction for 2017 that social is becoming more about being a TV channel. 

Here are some new from me (updated 11 Apr 2017): 

ONE. First my big news, I'm going to North America for the first time, every city I'm geekin' out, I will be organising a fried chicken party.  

Here are my tour dates: 
12 Apr - Melbourne
21 Apr - SF
25 Apr - NYC
1 May - Chicago
4 May - LA
17 May - Boulder (tentative)
1 June - DC
27 June - Toronto (tentative, this is going to happen somehow)

The main reason why I'm visiting and basing myself in SF is to be a story collector and help create a channel/library of stories from innovators, tech startups and geeks. 

TWO.  If you're a conference, you should let me cover it for you. PauseFest made me a LIVE host and I geek'out with innovators and speakers. I chatted to The Mill and quantum physicist about the future.  

At Myriad, while I produced and hosted Beach City Life, we amassed 56 videos/interviews - that's 56 insights from speakers, investors, and startups. 


THREE.  On a personal side, I've started growing my YouTube channel with a 100 vlog challenge to help digest the overload of information and help articulate my voice. So far I created 35 vlogs and I have shared my values and document my journey as a freelancer to an entrepreneur. A few have peeps have binged watched my vlogs (that makes me happy). Curious about me? Subscribe and see me be real af.  




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