String, how do you keep track of all your Snapchat data?

Truthfully, it’s a bit tedious to manually document my metrics, which is why I have three anchor points. I don’t have the time or luxury to do document daily. I only keep track of my high impact days, like my #SnapchatMonday, #TechTuesday and #TakeoverThursday.

Here are some techniques, on ways to grow your channel:

1. Be aware of your goals
I tend to think in terms of goals  - like how do I build a channel that advertiser would say yes to. The other goal is, how do I achieve a growth of 5,000 snap views. With those goals in mind, I’ve been making decisions on growing my channel rapidly through takeovers and talking to breaking down YouTube channels. So, what goals do you want to achieve? 

2. Remember, to screenshot your metrics
Keep a track of your data by noting the time you start and end. I screenshot mine and spend once a week documenting my numbers. The secret sauce is making it a weekly habit.

3. Have a weekly anchor point
Pick a day of a week where you deliver high impact content and use that as your anchor point. If you’re starting, pick a day and start screenshotting those days. After doing four weeks of this, you will notice if your channel is growing or not. Then reiterate, adjust and start over again. 

4. Your first snap is bullsh*t
Thanks to the rollover of snaps, people have begun to swipe and tune-out. Meaning that our first snaps is pretty obsolete.  Just be aware that will be a major jump in numbers from your first and second snap. I suggest that you treat your first snap like an album cover, and allow people to opt-in. The best examples I’ve seen have been used by @JustinTV and @FlyFranz.

5.Grow your channel with  Snapchat Takeovers
If you like to grow your channel rapidly, I suggest you do takeovers. It’s one of the tools that has grown my channel consistently. #TakeoverThursday is a great way to grow your Snapchat channel.

6. Grow your channel with 5 quick tips
Discovery can be a bit of b*tch on Snapchat, and if you’re only starting off, here are 5 quick tips on how to quickly build up your audience.

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