Every Monday, I snap about Snapchat. As the aim of the game is to make you better broadcasters. Snapchat is a great place to start sharing your voice and build your skills as a broadcaster. Feel free to add me on Snapchat or ask me questions here. 

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Trends and Strategies

Screenshots are the new likes
Learn how to use screenshots to increase engagement

Snapchatters, it’s time to clean up the noise
I bet you added everyone and you noticed that your Snapchat is getting noisy. Well, it’s time to clean and delete your list

> 3 killer metrics worth knowing
You can also download a FREE spreadsheet to help document your growth

You can say a lot in 10 seconds
Making the most of your snaps.

> Case Studies for Recruiment
1. AOL uses Snapchat to increase recruitment application by 18%
2. Colleges in USA uses geofilters to attract potential students. 

An example of the spreadsheet developed by String. 

Need help tracking your growth? Download this spreadsheet


  1. How do I add Music?
    Follow these instructions and add music to your snaps. 

  2. Should I recycle content?
    Well, you’re producing great content on Snapchat and you’re wondering what do next, follow this 20/80 rule - 20% of producing great content and 80% focus on distributing/repurposing that content. Click here to find out 50 ways to repurpose your content.

  3. What should I talk about on Snapchat?  
    Start sharing your passion, people generally will watch anything and following human stories is what’s awesome about Snapchat. Just note that it’s not a place to boost your popularity game. As what people may find awesome, others will find your content as lame. The key to success is to understand whom you’re engaging with (ie. Understand your target audience). 

  4. Why are you called "StringStory"
    My journey to developing my storytelling skills, from artist to marketing. Here’s my story.

  5. How to use Snapchat B2B
    Tien Wong wrote an awesome article about it on Washington Business Journal. Read it below.