Let's be honest, the discovery on Snapchat is shite. Which has inspired me to make ShoutOut Sunday. 

SOS aims to show off hidden and amazing snappers for you to follow. 

If you want to be part of the future roll outs, apply by following the Audition Instructions.

I look forward to seeing your snap intro. 


SOS Audition Instructions: 

1. create one snappy and creative snap video intro: who are you and why should snappers follow you?

2. save the snap video into your camera roll.

3. send your snap video intro & snapcode to suzanne@stringstory.co 

**snap intro needs to be a mp4 file
** bonus points if you add a fried chicken emoji
** show off your personality by adding stickers, emoji, text to give it more cred

▶️  Bypass audition and waiting list, click on the button below: