I hang out with a lot of hyper-connectors, you can tell if they a hyper connector when one of their skills sets is the ability to connect anyone with anyone of relevance. 

I'm one, I like to connect with awesome people with other awesome people. Still, some people hesitate because they say to me "String, I don't know if I have any value to give to them". That mindset alone is a deterrent, but I'm kind became fearless because I have an innate belief that of want to learn from the best. I find that I learn faster when I talk to people who are experts in that field, I guess my quest for knowledge and curiosity allows me to approach anyone and ask the relevant questions. 

But I'm going to share my thoughts and tips on connecting with influencers.

Before you approach them, I hope you did some basic research on what they do for a living and what the personal life is like. If you don't, you're wasting their valuable time. IF you have to take notes, take away one key note - don't waste their time! 

Here are some of my tips: 

1. Build a list - connect with 5 people of influence in your network. 

2. Play the long game - a network is something that you can transfer with you from job to job, meaning that network is your net worth.

3. Start small, connect with them on their favourite social platform. It's about building that sense of familiarity. 

4. Warm referrals are the best, it's like you skipped a line, but it's also because that contact gave you social proof. 

5. When you reach out by emails, please have a purpose and make them succinct and concise. Again, don't waste their time. NO ESSAYS.

6. Follow up with results, share how you implemented their advice and show appreciation. People love it when you actually listened to them.

7. It's not about you, it's about helping them solve a problem. 
One of my favourite hyper connectors made his life mission to connect with 5 people per day. He does it without anything in return, now he has a reputation of being a super helpful guy. And on another note, don't be the super annoying sales person, who always have a sale or pitch at the end of every meeting. 

8. Build rapport with them by treating them like humans, treating them like they are on pedestal is setting the relationship on a skewed power dynamics. I mean humans are not god. 

9. Have a conversation that is both meaningful and memorable. 

Also, back to number 1 - who are you 5 peeps? 
Make the list, and make sure you reach out to them, you never have a connection if you don't at least try. 

One of the reasons why I have so many awesome people around me is because it's easier to approach them when I am in interview mode. Have purpose behind my intent allows me to be transparent with them. I double my interviews as networking opportunities, within the next 30minute, it's do or die, do they want to reconnect with me in the future or not. 

If you have any questions, pop them into the comments or reach out to me on Snapchat "stringstory" - I get a lot of messages and if you comment how cute I am, I will respond back "I like to thank my mum for my lucky face". If you ask a relevant question, I'm highly likely to be helpful and respond. 

Cheers from SF,

String from the future.