I can honestly say that I'm not a videographer, I'm a story collector. I want to go around using my smart phone and film using Facebook Live. I don't know how to edit, and Facebook Live allows us to rewatch it afterwards. 

I love being lean. I can travel and geek'out with the smartest people without being tied down the weight of heavy equipment.... this is my list of equipment:

  1. iPhone 6s 
  2. Tripod
  3. Camera mount 
  4. Microphone (small) - Rode Smart Lav
  5. Rode Reporter Mic
  6. The connector to mic and phone - Rode i-XLR digital XLR interface for Apple iOS devices

  7. if you want a cable to connect to your mic to your DSLR camera - 
    SES-TR-153 Cable

I place a premium value on sound than visuals. Bad audio sound can turn listeners/watchers off, they will tune and opt out. 

The Rode Reporter Mic is great for interviews, I used this to look professional and add a bit of class to my production value - I even interviewed Gary Vee with it. 

Lately, many creators have been asking what sound tools I've been using. Let me share my equipment with you... and yes it's an affiliation link - so feel free to use it.

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop into the comment. 

Cheers from the future, String x

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