unedited notes from workshop

Speaker: Jonathan Gurano

Jono on social media generally
. Working for free? Here's is a tip, have a timeline and then use it to show value and negotiate a contract
. One video - 6million views (watch the video below) 
. Use bad press to convert sale #baller - willing to commit to a path
. Build your network of collaborators and influencers to create content with
. No guarantee with instant virality, but long term game - guarantee engagement and reach
. Create authentic videos; align with brands that reflects yours


Jono on virality
. Measure of success: people "outside the bubble" that seen on online space that talks about it
. When people start replicating your style/what you're doing
. Success for hint: "when shoppers in Safeway says "I love Hint"

Jono on the formula of viral video
. Is the relatable? 
. Use language/copy to suit 5 year old audience
. Genuine

.Size: 180 x 180 square
. Grab attention within the 3 seconds
. First 10sec - what's the message? 
. The overall story is important

. Eye candy - eye grabbing. Value people's attention
. Can I watch this video be watched without sound? 
--- how can you make your audience turn sound on? 
--- add captions (rev.com)

Jono on FB algo;
. FB prefers native video over a YT link

Jono on FB vs YT
. FB is instant gratification/engagement -- hard to create a loyal following
. YT has a strong community of loyal army followers

Click bait
Consistency *** 
YT Algo likes times a week

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