Tools to build your community


  1. Facebook group: everyone, like 1.23 billion MAU, is on Facebook. But it has the best ping system for active groups.

  2. Tweetdeck: useful to stay #connected. It’s all about Twitter chats, an alternative is Twubs

  3. Intercom: As powerful as google analytics when it comes to tracking people.

  4. Product Hunt: an online community for tech fanatics & today’s case study example.

  5. Slack: it collaboration on steroids, have real time conversation with your community.


  1. Meetup: world’s large networks of groups

  2. Mention: powerful discovery and audience tool. Get pinged when someone mentions you or your community.


Groups for developing and managining communities




Content and more content

Tools to help develop content

String, How do you develop 3 months of content in advanced?

Create your own spreadsheet. I brainstorm, and spend a day to think about my content or direction I like to take. Then with a spreadsheet, I organise the topics for the next 3 months. As show above, this is one example of scheduling out my topics. 

Or Trello is another one. This is a great example about how to use Trello as an editorial calendar. 

Tools to help content development

Trello - collaboration tool, it’s sticky notes online
Buffer - organises your social
Buzzsumo - whispers the keywords to your ears and a great way to find influencers in your field
Google Analytics - literally, data to help you take over the world. Super powerful tool
Mailchimp - it pretties up your e-newsletter and helps convert your peeps into fans


Gary Vee talk about content, content and more content

50 ways to repurpose content
I love redistrubuting my own original, well the trick is 20% of your original content and 80% recycling that content. If you create great content and want to keep building your audience, I believe it’s important that you should push your content and move it to different channels.

Content Marketing Stack
This is literally an awesome post, as this page is full of more tools and resources.

Here’s how to start an e-newsletter from scratch by Kevan Lee




Aired on Snapchat 7 June 2016

As part of #TechTuesday, String (aka Suzanne) snapped an overview about the Blockchain and she created this (ever growing) resource page to help kickstart your own journey. 


How the Blockchain will transform everything from banking to government to our identities. 
State of Blockchain, q1 2016
Technology Tipping Point and Societal Impact by World Economic Forum


  1. Blockchain
    Understanding the blockchain
    How will blockchain technology transform financial services

  2. Bitcoin
    Explaining Bitcoin to a 5 year old
    Satoshi Nakamoto's White Paper
    Crash course of Bitcoin with Andreas Antonopoulos
    Why Bitcoin Matters by Marc Andreessen

  3. Ethereum
    Non-tech way of understanding Ethereum. 
    Awesome project: Augur, Ethcore

  4. DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) 
    More about DAO
    Awesome project: BitNation, Storj

  5. Communites are the best place to learn
    Reddit r/bitcoin










11 cool tech stuff

Here's my 11 snappy geek points for #TechTuesday (3 May 2016)

  1. My fried chicken dream
  2. App of the week: (source: I Fucking Love Marketing
  3. Liza Dixon - Tech geek of the week 
  4. Tech call out: Are you the startup or tech geek who like to take over 
  5. Play-doh “fingerprint” hack    
  6. Startup to watch out for Symphony
  7. Bitcoin teaches you Economics
  8. Bitcoin can be sent via Twitter using ChangeTip. 
    • Sent me a tweet to @stringstory “Saw you on Snapchat, I love to learn more about Bitcoin” 
  9. Bitcoin prices rises up whenever bad news come around. Like the Aussie “Satoshi Nakamoto”.
  10. If you want to start with Bitcoin, may I suggest you start with CoinBase (it’s international).
  11. Use Credhot, if you want to monetise with bitcoin, every time someone clicks your link, you receive some bits.**

Special thanks to the following snapchatters


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    Kat Deluna - What A N ight
    G-Eazy- Order More
    Meek Mill - All Eyes On You (feat. Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj) 
    Snakehips - All My Friends

    **yes, I just change most the links to Credhot links
    Let me know what you think