Here's my 11 snappy geek points for #TechTuesday (3 May 2016)

  1. My fried chicken dream
  2. App of the week: (source: I Fucking Love Marketing
  3. Liza Dixon - Tech geek of the week 
  4. Tech call out: Are you the startup or tech geek who like to take over 
  5. Play-doh “fingerprint” hack    
  6. Startup to watch out for Symphony
  7. Bitcoin teaches you Economics
  8. Bitcoin can be sent via Twitter using ChangeTip. 
    • Sent me a tweet to @stringstory “Saw you on Snapchat, I love to learn more about Bitcoin” 
  9. Bitcoin prices rises up whenever bad news come around. Like the Aussie “Satoshi Nakamoto”.
  10. If you want to start with Bitcoin, may I suggest you start with CoinBase (it’s international).
  11. Use Credhot, if you want to monetise with bitcoin, every time someone clicks your link, you receive some bits.**

Special thanks to the following snapchatters


Stylist by W.Nguyen


    Kat Deluna - What A N ight
    G-Eazy- Order More
    Meek Mill - All Eyes On You (feat. Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj) 
    Snakehips - All My Friends

    **yes, I just change most the links to Credhot links
    Let me know what you think