Today, in the String Report, we're gonna talk about the future of cannabis and why it's the new gold rush. The first thing I show in the video below is how mainstream the cannabis industry has become - Cute little colourful candy, such as gummi bear - have reached a new high, because inside of these yummy sweet things are bits of cannabis. 

Written below, we cover:

- the darker side of cannabis
- why cannabis is the new gold rush
- the (not so) secret community and fan base
- and unexpected impact of the cannabis industry

Cannabis has caught my attention on my first visit to America. Walking down the streets of San Francisco, my nose caught a whiff of weed lingering in the air. This micro-moment is a reminder that the rest of the world will soon catch up to California. 

Going deep into my research, I learn there is even a darker side to cannabis like it was used to criminalise black people for weed-related offences. 

Currently, there two things hindering the movement of Cannabis: 

  • One is the regulations on a federal and state level in America. 
  • Two is the social stigma of cannabis itself. People usually think that by smoking weed, you're lazy and dumb af. 

But the reality is, this is slowly changing for the various reason below: 


I also recently visited Boulder, Colorado, and on every street corner there's a dispensary of cannabis. Colorado, itself, has brought in $1.3 billion in sales last year. 

Just like the gold rush days, what made people rich weren't the discovery of gold, but selling the auxiliary of gold; from picks to shovel - Cannabis is going through the same saves by upselling smoking paraphernalia. 

On demand-startup like Eaze, is making it easier for people to drop cannabis to your doorstep. They recently inhaled 13 million dollars during a recent funding Series B round, making them the largest funded canna-startup.


It's an open secret, but there's a lot of people who love weed. 
I remember sitting next to a coder who uses cannabis to help him think and focus, and I caught up with a friend who ate some to help ease digestion, and a CEO friend uses it to sleep better. It shows that there all types of people who fundamentally use it for medical to recreational use. 

I had a great geek'out with a mother, Shifra Klein, founder of Mitzva Herbal Co, who runs a kosher-based weed startup, as a mother she accidentally jumps into the industry to create help provide medical based marijuana to help her kids function better in society. Her son has ADHD and cannabis help makes him focus better. 

Once it does become legalised around the world, there's going to be a be a green tsunami.