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A One Week Launch Special

As part of the new site-launch, I like to help you personally with video.

Video is hard and sometimes we just need a little supportive push to say “Hey, you got this. I got your back”

For this week only - I've launched a "$250 video with String' package. 


Who Is StringStory?

Hi, I'm 'String' Nguyen and I've been pioneering videos on social media.

Recently recognized as a “Top Voice” on LinkedIn and nominated for "30 under 30" by Forbes Asia.

I'm the producer of the award-winning Snapchat channel “Women In Tech” that amassed over 350 interviews with entrepreneurs and startup founders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Holly Liu (Kabam) and Hugh Forrest (SXSW).

Over the last 4 years, I'm still the avid video innovator on social media. Having been in the Top 20 on Meerkat, the focus is now on making LinkedIn into a channel.

I'm also currently working on writing my first book: String's Fried Chicken Story.

Book String

LinkedIn Influencer

String's channel and community of startup founders and entrepreneurs has grown from a 900 to a 24,000 strong community in a year.

Video Innovator

String works closely with brands to leverage, test and deploy video as a marketing tool, increasing the brand awareness and developing a larger viral following.

Creative Entrepreneur

String's vision is to increase creative vibes in the world. Including developing innovative methods to automate and monetize online businesses.

Global Speaker/Connecter

As a key influencer String Nguyen's appearance at your event or conference is guaranteed to be a highlight of your audiences experiences. Request String For Your Event Today!

String's Fried Chicken Story

The Book

With an upcoming publication, String will be hosting a party to launch her brand new book! It describes the power of personal branding and delves into "off-the-top-of-head" marketing.

On 10th November 2018, I will share:

🍗The 10 Year Journey: 'From String Story' to Fried Chicken

🍗 The Fried Chicken Club: The entrepreneurs and founders who attended String's Fried Chicken parties 

🍗 How to find your own visual brand anchor

🍗 The future of content marketing

🍗 The future of influencer marketing 

🍗 and more


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How To Monetize Influence

Being a global influencer, I’ve been actively finding the “way” to monetize my creativity, knowledge and influence. I'd like to share this and help others apply my methods to extend to their own business:

If you have the following:
🍗  Compelling Vision
🍗  Credibility or Expertise
🍗  Active Community
🍗  Products/Services
🍗  Strong Personal Brand

Get in touch to learn how to make $ !

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String's Seven V's

String's Theory of Personal Branding








Learn from my tried-and-tested methods of monetizing your influence. Book services on an ongoing basis or as a short consultation.

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What's Said About String!

String has earned the trust of Industry Leaders

String, is absolutely amazing. The depth of wisdom she has in technology, social media and content of all types PLUS her community building skills blow me away every time. It's LIKE MAGIC when she's working! If you get a chance to spend time with String, I highly suggest you value it as her wisdom is TOP NOTCH compared to a grand majority of influencers you could follow and learn from online.

Troy Assoignon

Troy Assoignon

| Positioning Expert

String is a diehard go-getter and her enthusiasm radiates from the screen to ignite her audience! The proof is in the pudding and all you need is one video and you can be convinced of this fact. She's a consummate professional who stays diligent and focused on task and strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction to deliver the very best education through various mediums of content to her students and the general audience of LinkedIn. Highly recommended to have her in your corner as a mentor, teacher, coach, or team member!

Chang Liu

Chang Liu

| Growth Hacker

String’s ability to dive deeper into your narrative is second to none! She made it incredibly easy to see blind spots, and the places that seemed too vulnerable to go, she took me. As a direct result of our time together I am crystal clear on my direction and fired up to start executing! The content that came out of our meeting will fill my marketing strategy for months to come. But more than that, it showed me where my true value resides and what buckets I need to spend most of my time on. As an early stage Entrepreneur, where much of the success of your business is linked to your ability to drive it in the right direction, this kind of clarity is priceless.

Kira Day

Kira Day

| Founder; The Passion Centre

String is a global leader when it comes to new media, particularly with LinkedIn. She has consulted for Social Garden on a number of occasions. The way she delivers the content makes it fun and easy to apply. I highly recommend her consulting and speaking services for businesses looking to activate and monetize LinkedIn as a sales channel for their business.

Michael Bird

Michael Bird

| Social Gardens CEO

I thoroughly enjoyed working with a global thought leader such as String Nguyen. She is someone you can trust to provide the most current day new media outlooks and strategies to keep you well ahead of the curve. More importantly, you know she has the best interest of you and your company in mind. It is my pleasure to highly recommend String!

Kira Day

Kira Day

| Founder, The Passion Centre