Hello from the future,

I’ve send you this page because you asked for a Shout Out from me and my Snap-channel. Sure, I be happy to shout you out, but it will cost you. And I’m doing it in such a way that will help you get the most of experience. 

As part of the $50 deal, I will be sharing your video and your Snapcode. READ MORE IF YOU’RE INTERESTED…

String, where’s the value… I want to show you something, here’s an example of a shoutout account. I did my numbers, on his account, he has a 12.5% conversion rate, but on “StringStory” channel, my conversion is around 18%.  Also with this new shoutout format, the conversion is twice as high. Also, I tend to keep a meticulous record of metrics and will share a report afterwards with you. #justsaying

There’s a level of commitment, I want to ensure that you get the best deal out of this: you have to make a 10 second snap video and share your Snapcode with me, this way  I let people follow you because of mutual interest. 

IMPORTANT: Once you paid the $50, don’t forget to fill out this form.