Google Analytics (GA) simply collects and presents pure emotionless data about your website users to you, so you can make informed design decisions.

Better decisions with pure data = better bottom line = better website

As part of the TechTuesday with StringStory, I’ve added this case study to help ground and contextualise the whole conversation on why Google Analytics is such powerful to make your site better. Above is a map of how I’ve used GA to understand my users and how it reaches my goal for more downloads of “Snapanalytics” 


Current bounce rate: 48%

“Bounce Rate” is generally misunderstood, it doesn’t mean people are leaving your site after they land. The Bounce Rate tells you how many leave without visiting another page. If your bounce rate is too high, this indicates that more improvement is required to retain your visitors. Currently my bounce rate is 48%, generally I like to lower this down to 30%.



Generally, about 60% of my visitors are predominantly Australians and Americans. I delve deeper into cities and in order of rank, many of my visitors are from:

1. Sydney, AU

2. Melbourne, AU

3. (not set) meaning users didnt share their location with Google

4.  New York, US

7. Tel Aviv, ISR

10. San Francisco, US

This is a good sign. it tells us that the majority of visitors are from relevant industry, and these cities are well established for their tech and startup culture. 

Generally, GA has informed that 30% are “True Fans”, visitors who return back to my site and that an average session is about 3 minutes. Which is understandable, I don’t have many pages and prefer a clean website as the goal is to collect emails and note how many downloads of ebooks/snapanlytics are being made. That would change overtime as using different platforms means I’m digital sharecropper (more on this terminology later). 

True Fans vs First time visiotors 

True Fans vs First time visiotors 

Types of traffic

Types of traffic

Traffic Sources

Ideally, you want to multiple traffic sources to drive traffic to your site. It also let you know which marketing tactics are working or not. Here are my top 3 traffic channels: 

  1. Social

  2. Direct

  3. Referrals

38% of the driving traffic has been from Facebook and Twitter.

Also, I recently did an affiliate post, where they mentioned that they have a substial views. I don’t see it being picked up in GA. Ergo that was a fail and decided not to collaborate with them again.


One of the major problems with Snapchat is that it doesn’t track traffic from it. I do believe that some of the direct is from Snapchat users. Still, I use, a shortener link platform with it’s own analytics and monitoring. Think of it like a mini version of GA. This allows me to keep track of Snapchat users (ie you) and see if they did visit this very page.  


Content on GA lets you know which pages/posts are popular. 

One of my goals is for Snapchatters to download my metric spreadsheet “Snapanalytics”, so I keep track of my page views and then compare it

Thankfully, the /snapanalytics  is within the top 3 most viewed pages. I also noted that most of the traffic has been through Facebook. What I did was promote this FREE spreadsheet to a few marketing and Snapchat facebook groups.

This Week, I’m RELEASING an updated version (v 1.1) of SNApanaltyics, A SPREadsheet that help track and document your data for snapchat. 

Part of the goal is to count how many downloads. 
download and subscribe here.


Here are some of my goals:

  1. How many emais has been signed up

  2. How many downloads has been made for Snapalytics

  3. How many are from Snapchat


I just updated mine and pinged myself with the following alert:

  1. Tell me when I reached 500 downloads for Snapanalytics  

  2. Ping me when I reach 1000 downloads for Snapanalytics


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if you also need help with installing or finding out how you can leverage GA for your own business, like how to install it. Or perhaps you like to understand how GA can be aligned as a sale funnel channelb and/or Google Ads. Let me know, I have a reliable network that I can refer to.